Orie Steele, Sr.
Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion

Motorcycle and Bicycle Illustrated

August 14, 1924


Portland Ore. - Rocky Butte hill is still unconquered, though many of the mountain scaling stars of the country tried to scale its slopes Sunday. Orie Steele who came all the way from Paterson, N.J. to tackle Mt. Rainer and Rocky Butte, and who may travel down to Southern California for Capistrano should the postponed event be held there next week, got first place in the 80 open, and set a new record for the course, 546 feet 10 inches, with his Indian, and that was the closest that anyone came to going over the top. Charles Mastolier, Harley-Davidson, won the 61 expert, keeping the Oregon Journal cup at Portland. Clifford Hill, Excelsior, got second and Dudley Perkins, Harley-Davidson, got third. In 80-inch novice. Verl Tindall, Harley, won. Stanley Franks and E. Christensen, on Indians got second and third.


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