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Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion

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These latest images and text came to me courtesy of Daniel Statnekov. I saw Daniel's site on the history of motorcycle racing from 1900 to 1930 and sent him an e-mail asking if he had anything about my grandfather. Sure enough he did. This is from the December 31, 1919 edition of Motorcycling and Bicycling It is a list of winners from the 1919 season that used Goodyear tires. My grandfather is listed twice, just look for the blue outlines. Below are close-ups of the listings of the events he won. Also if there is someone else listed that you would like info on. Just e-mail me, I will scan that section for you.

Thanks Again to Daniel Statnekov, you can find his great site HERE

And the close-up

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Close ups from the page above

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