Orie Steele, Sr.
Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion


MotorCycling (Including The Bicycling World)

May 28, 1924

Orie Steele Trims Time in New Haven

Steele Trimmed Twice at New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - At Lawrence Hill, the most succesful Hillclimb ever promoted in the East was run off by the Elm City Motorcycle Club. It surprised everyone, even the Elm City boys themselves.

With a crowd of ten thousands, a thousand automobiles and countless motorcycles, the best competition seen at any hillclimb in the East in three years, roared up the steep hill, to the great enjoyment of the crowd.

With ample police protection, the reserves being called out, the seven acres at the foot of the hill for parking, and the hill being within city limits everything was set to handle the largest crowd of people that ever witnessed a hillclimb in the East, with the exception of Rochester, N.Y.

Everything went without a hitch, except the late start, due to try-outs on the hill. The electric timer, designed by Mr. edward Solomon and Al Carocci of New Haven, was perfect, although some of the boys jumped the line at the top, so had to ride again.

At two o'clock everything was set and Referee Bill Mahan started the climb with the 80-c.u. in. novice event. Owing to the late start only two trials were allowed. There were eight riders with Sholtz of New Haven riding Harley, and remington of Worchester, also riding Harley, being the only ones to hit the top. Sholtz, who started with the novice and went through all the events was the hero of the climb, took first place in 5 2/5. remington was second in 8 4/5, and Bergman third, going up 198 feet.

Next came the 37 cu.in. open. With Orrie Steele taking first with 133 feet. Catanzaro plowed up to 119 feet, with a 30:50 Harley-Davidson, taking second place. Lowkrantz, of Waterbury, riding an Indian Scout, took third with 116 ft.

The came the big boys in the 61 cu.in. open with seven entries. George Lehner of Albany, riding Harley, went over 6 1/5 on his first trial and let it stand, taking first place. Steele was slow on his first trial, getting over in 7 2/5. On his second attempt he struck a ledge at the top of the hill and the machine leaped over the line so no time was recorded. On the next trial he buttoned her at the ledge and took second with 6 3/5. Young Brazenor of Brooklyn, riding an Indian, took third place with a fine ride of 6 4/5. The machine took a hop and got a fine hand from the crowd.

The last event was the 80-inch open with eight entries. Grove on a Harley-Davidson, took first place on his second ride with 5 3/5. Orrie Steele and Eddie Sholtz had a great fight for second place. Sholtz and Steele made it in 5 4/5 twice. Sholtz jumping the tape once for no time. On Steele's next trial he lost out with a slow time of 6 1/5. Storey, Brazenor and Brooks failed to place. There was a bad ledge at the top of the hill, but Sholtz hit her wide open every time, although the machine bucked like a bronco. Steele took third in 5 4/5. Lehner, Harley-Davidson, went away with fourth prize, making some fine rides but not quite enough soup. Pechar of New Haven, riding Indian, took fourth and last in 7 1/5.

The members of the Elm City Motorcycle Club are well satisfied and the boys who rode all proclaim it the best climb in years.

The hill, whil not so long, was steep and soft with the hump at the top which was not dangerous but made them all ride.

The motors were let down with a block and fall, the course roped off and police at the top, making everything as safe as possible.