Orie Steele, Sr.
Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion

William Brazenor

Information provided by Helen Murison

Helen Murison is the daughter of an Indian Hillclimber by the name of William Brazenor. He was quite a skilled rider and won more than a few events. She sent me these pictures and text below, I agreed to host them for her. Enjoy, and Thanks Helen. John Clauss

William Brazenor with Group

Group Photo: My dad William Brazenor in Indian shirt and his bike (I think it's his)
Do you recognize anyone?

William Brazenor with bike on side of Car
My dad on way to or from a hillclimb...great picture of his bike


 William Brazenor with family

The baby photo (that's me) was taken in 1929...I was told that I was six weeks old when I had my first ride, and my birthday is March 19, 1929. My mother, Helen, is in front of the car, Dad is holding me, and that's his mother, Agnes Brazenor, next to him. I don't know when he quit hillclimbing, but he never quit riding. I don't know where this was taken, My mother could drive, so perhaps she drove the car and Dad was on the cycle. (obviously not a hillclimbing machine.) I know they did go to meets. These are the only pictures that I have but will ask my youngest sister if she has any. She has the whole family collection at her house. (SC). She also has all of his medals and cups so I need to ask her to send me dates, wins, etc. I have a beautiful long-sleeved satin shirt with INDIAN in red (like on the machines). New, never worn. My middle sister has the "chaps", leather leg coverings, and I have 2 caps with straps, one is cotton, one suede type leather.


William Brazenor on Bike

My Dad and his youngest brother, Walter (Wally Brazenor) in my grandmother's driveway, Howard Beach, LINY. I believe this is around 1921 as Wally was born in 1918.
Dad was born in 1902.

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