Orie Steele, Sr.
Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion

This is a decal from my great-grandfather, John Steele's shop. As you can see motorcycling has been in my family right from the very start of the sport. I was named after John Steele and I am very grateful to Tim Flynn of N.J. for sending me an original decal for no cost, even after I offered to pay for it. My hats off to you Tim.

This is a picture of John Steele's shop in Paterson, New Jersey. I don't know the year if any one can help me with that by looking at the bike and the truck I would appreciate that.

Another great picture of my great-grandfather, and some of his customers. Again I don't know the year so if you can help me with that I would love to find out. My great-grandfather is the gentleman standing between the bike and the sidecar rig with his right hand in a fist.

I love this picture. Its on Indian Day. I don't know the year again but by looking at the age of my grandfather, Orie Steele (The boy with his hand on the handlebar of the bike on the left) I think that its from about 1909 or 1910. My great-grandfather is the second person from the right.

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